Express IT Delivery and ASAP Courier Customers!

First Canadian Messenger is pleased to announce the acquisition of two new courier partners, Express IT Delivery and ASAP Courier. We welcome both customers and drivers of both ExpressIT and ASAP to the First Canadian Family, and hope to provide the same quality service and care they have become accustomed to enjoying. For more information on these acquisitions, and any changes that may occur to your services, please contact First Canadian Messenger at 1-604-590-3301.

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We strive to offer the best service!

     FCM has successfully been in the courier and distribution industry for over 25 years. At First Canadian, we owe our success to our loyal customers, devoted team, state of the art technology, and professional drivers.

     By utilizing the latest in live and computer aided dispatch systems, First Canadian strives to offer the highest quality courier service throughout the GVRD.


Shipping and Freight throughout the West!

     Our extensive services include Rush, Overnight and same-day throughout the Lower Mainland and the GVRD.
     We also offer warehousing services, including storage, cross docking, and distribution through our sister company Diamond Delivery. Give us a phone call today for more information on how we can help meet your transportation and distribution needs!

We always make sure you are satisfied!


  • Direct (Our fastest yet!)
  • Rush
  • Regular
  • Same-Day
  • Overnight

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