A.P - General Manager

I was telling Rick how impressed I am with the Courier Complete software that First Canadian Messenger is using. It takes less than a minute to log in, select the pickup location and destination.

Setting up a new location is as simple as putting in the address and checking off the save button.  It is quicker to do this, than it would be to relay this information over the phone to a dispatcher ,and it is online for future use.

I am most impressed with the ability to chose the service and get an immediate price quote on the delivery.If it is more than I am willing to pay for the delivery, I simply go back and chose the next level of service.

Once I am satisfied with the rate, printing the way bills are immediate right off line, no more hand writing the old school way.

The ability to see the time of pickup and delivery online is simple and straight forward. It gives you peace of mind and without this feature you would have to call your customer or the courier company to find out if the delivery or pickup had been completed or started.

Once your customers that do frequent pickups or deliveries try Courier Complete they will never go back to the old school way of calling into a call center. Using the online is immediate, user friendly and effective.



We have been very pleased to find that not only does FCM delivery within, way before, or on the scheduled time requested, the drivers are very friendly and courteous. FCM's prices are not only reasonable, they are in some cases $30 cheaper than a major competitor for the exact same service. Amazing how the exact same service can have such a price difference!

We have calculated a savings of $92 on our first invoice & $152 on our second invoice. It is absolutely a no brainer for me to use FCM services for all of my courier needs. I know that the savings will continue to grow as I make FCM my only courier.

We would like to thank FCM staff for taking the time to come to our office and introduce themselves to us as well as take the time to walk me through FCM's on-line ordering site which is very user friendly. I have found that if I am unable for whatever reason to place an order online, I can always call Lyle in dispatch and he is more than ready and willing to help me.


S.A. - Operations Manager

Just wanted to send you a quick note letting you know how much we appreciate the service that First Canadian Messenger continues to provide to us at Motion Canada. We have been using FCM for all our local rush shipments for over a year now, and we are extremely happy with the results. The direct and rush services are not only efficient, but also cost-effective. Everyone in dispatch is awesome, and consistently go above and beyond to make sure we get the best service and the best price, even when we're bombarding them with rush after rush. Any time we call for status on a shipment, the up-to-date tracking makes us feel confident that our customers are getting their product when they need it. Your drivers are always professional, efficient, and courteous. Thanks again for everything FCM has done to help our business grow in the lower mainland.